Connecting customers to your Brands with Digital Marketing

We have worked with brands from a variety of industries, some of them have been a lifestyle brand with a wide range of an audience to cater to, while some had very niche audiences.

Search Engine Marketing

We are a full-service PPC Management company. We specialize in Google and Bing Ads. We help increase your online presence and optimize spend to give the best ROI. Our team can handle projects for all mediums Search, Display Ads, Video Ads, and Shopping Ads. We will make sure your digital presence is around all consumer touchpoints.

Our Search Engine Strategy is simple yet effective.

Our Team Works to:

  • Review Product Offerings and Competitor’s Advertising in the Industry: This also involves a comprehensive audit of the current campaigns (if any). Locations and other demographics will be considered for optimal ad responses.
  • Perform Intensive Keyword Research and Understanding of the Brand Personality: We believe in collaborative partnerships. We believe that no one understands the industry better than you, and adding our eCommerce expertise will give us the best results. This phase will involve personalized questionnaires and ongoing meetings to ensure our ads are on the right path.
  • Creating Ad Creatives: Our team will take care of all the ad copies and display creatives for your brand. Our team of content writers and designers are experienced in understanding what works with SE channels.
  • All ads will be set up, and extensive tracking and monitoring will be set in place.

  • Once the ads are running, our team of marketers will make sure every ad is carefully monitored and optimized. We will be proactively making changes to the campaigns and performing split testing and a consistent monitoring for best performance and conversions. We will also produce remarketing campaigns to retain existing customers while increasing return on ad spend and increasing sales/leads.

  • Accountability – We will use tracking tools like analytics to bring it full circle and show the ROI on your ad spend. With monthly reports, you will know what’s been doing well and where our growth areas are.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media has become the bedstone of all brand exposure activities. The current users validate their purchase decisions based on the presence of their brand on social media. Even the non-conventional industries need an active presence online to help their operations thrive.

    We will help create content that would better connect with your customers and show them how your brand is unique. Online purchase decisions are highly influenced by your social media messaging.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Big or Small every business needs an SEO strategy to enhance its online presence. Since the advent of websites, SEO has been the most effective way for brands to be in front of their users. SEO strategies do not show rapid results like your ads, but they ensure a sustained increase in results over a time period. SEO is a perfect mix of technical and marketing actions. The right keywords information strategy will make sure the brand grows organically

    Your SEO Strategy:

    • SEO Audit: We will send you a report on how your website performs and how your competitors are stacked up.
    • Keywords Strategy: ensures that all the brand and high performing industry keywords are available on the website, and organic search engine results are pointing to our website.
    • Implement SEO and Monitoring Results with Reporting: updates on your website and making sure that everything is properly set up. You will also have an active team monitoring trends and suggesting/implementing changes.

    Additional Services

    Email Marketing

    A great way to reach out to customers who have known our brand or have interacted with us in the past is to send out email newsletters. Email marketing is one of the least expensive modes of digital marketing and helps keep your user base engaged with new and relevant info about your business.

    Associate Marketing Elements:

    • Reviews and Ratings
    • Cart Abandonment Tracker

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