Managed Support

Managed support makes your business, our business. Never deal with website issues on your own again or worry about what new features to add next.

The DotcomWeavers support team handles everything from bug fixes, CMS changes, and performance issues to integrations and design updates. And we offer tiered managed support plans so you get the service that fits your business.

35 +

The number of managed support clients we currently serve.


Managed website options for your business

Get the post-launch support you need, whether it’s a few monthly site enhancements or a dedicated team in the trenches making updates every day.

Here are a few ways you’ll benefit from managed support:

  • Site monitoring
  • Debugging
  • Website maintenance
  • Security and PCI compliance updates
  • Performance optimization


Enhance your website month over month

Adding new functionality, robust tools and data-driven enhancements can help your website thrive. You’ll quickly adapt to new trends and be able to capitalize on new opportunities.

In active development with DotcomWeavers, your site benefits from:

  • Better performance for existing features
  • Product detail page improvements
  • Custom integration with third-party tools
  • Quality of life and UX upgrades
  • Our research into the latest best practices


Dedicated support teams so you’re always selling at your best

There’s always another feature to integrate or opportunity to explore. And peak-traffic management, load-balancing and downtime protection are essential.

Your online business will grow, evolve and prosper under the direction of a US-based account team who understands your site and your goals.

Plus our talented developers will test drive every fix and new feature to resolve issues the first time and keep your business moving forward.


Report site issues and watch them disappear

Our user-friendly ticketing system is available to clients 24/7. You report a problem and we fix it. It’s that easy.

Check the status of your tickets anytime on our convenient support dashboard and get alerts when they move ‘reported’ to ‘resolved’.

We’ll also train you and your people to use the system, because we’re in this together.


Comprehensive support for all parts of your site

The DotcomWeavers support team will monitor your website and apply updates to your CMS, plugins, and extensions.

We’ll make a plan for new patches and security upgrades, so you can capitalize on the latest software without disrupting business.

Plus, regular updates will help reduce your total cost of ownership over the life of the website.


Quick support so you’re never in the dark

We’re here to fix the unexpected. If there’s an issue with your website, we’ll resolve it fast – most within one business day.

You’ll have an entire team of experts – with members in two time zones – that you can reach out to any time.

We also use a collaborative support program where you can report problems and check statuses.

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