Mobile Applications

We build mobile apps because a profitable mobile strategy involves more than a responsive site. We start with a robust backend and then design a sleek and engaging mobile UX to match.

With a mobile app, you’ll reach customers on a personal level regardless of time or location. A mobile app can help your business stand out in a mobile-first world.

89 %

Average lift in customer engagement with a DotcomWeavers mobile app.

Increase Your Brand Outreach

Mobile Apps have the potential to expand your business by being in the palm of the customers and providing them the ease of interacting with your business from anywhere in the world. Our Mobile-First approach ensures that your business Keeps evolving in this ever-changing business world

Our Mobile App Services

Android App Development

Android App Development

A mobile app makes it easy for users to get involved with your business and encourages them to act.

Our mobile apps strategy begins by understanding how people use your services or why they buy your products. It ends with robust analytics to help you understand and capitalize on all those clicks and taps.

Your mobile app will fit your business and your user needs. It will also offer functionality that your competitors can’t match.

iOS App Development

iOS App Development

You know what you want your mobile app to do. We’ll help you arrange those elements on the screen to make it an essential tool for your users.

Your app will also look, sound and feel like your brand. The user interface and functionality will feel natural. And every tap will take people deeper into your business and move them towards conversion or help them fulfill a task.

Nothing superfluous. Always intentional. That’s how we’ll build your app.

Hybrid App Development

The best tech stack for your mobile app

A tech stack is the programming languages, interface design tools, and database servers that support and protect your app.

Our team will build your app using the latest in mobile best practices to fit your needs, goals and budget.

Then we’ll engineer a fully-scalable and responsive mobile solution that integrates your backend systems with a sales-focused UX.

Operating Systems

Freedom to choose: iOS, Android and Hybrid apps

Some developers see building mobile apps as a choice between Apple or Google. We disagree.

DotcomWeavers can deliver both native iOS and Android apps as well as cross-platform hybrids, so you never have to settle.

You’ll get a mobile app that works with your internal systems and supports the devices that your customers use to interact with your business.

Our App Development Process

Our proces is simple and clean


    From clickable wireframes to interactive prototypes, you’ll get to test your app throughout development to ensure it works the way you want.

  • Understand and Strategize

    Together we’ll review every interaction, gesture, form input and screen type to make sure you’ve got a solution for every user's needs.

  • Design Process

    Our design team is well versed in creating fully-scalable, responsive, and striking mobile solutions. Every detail will not only complement your desired brand aesthetic, but every element will be highly functional and seamlessly integrated with backend systems.

  • App Development

    Your robust, highly customized mobile application will be launched error-free and supported by our design, development and marketing teams to ensure that it delivers a seamless customer journey across devices and is optimized for user engagement.

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