Medical Equipment Dynamics

Project Highlights
  • Magento 2
  • Online Marketplace
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • eBay APIs
  • UniShipper Freight

Medical Equipment Dynamics


B2B eCommerce


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Medical Equipment Dynamics (MED) sources and sells idle medical equipment. Their mission? Reduce theft, HIPAA violations, and unethical business practices related to medical equipment in the healthcare industry. That’s a project we could get behind.

We built MED a custom online marketplace where they can sell their own equipment and gives third-party B2B companies and dealers a place to sell pre-owned and refurbished models. Custom integrations, complex shipping and payment features and a robust Magento-eBay-Zoho CRM API connection are just a few of the enhancements we made.
Today, new MED website helps put more medical equipment to back to work helping people around the world get better.

Magento + eBay

Upload Magento products to sell on eBay or import seller products from eBay.

TaxJar Integration

Automatically handles all of MED’s tax calculations, reports and filing.

UniShipper Freight

Streamlined freight shipping logistics connected with MED’s ERP

Not only did we launch on time and on budget,
but we were able to meet our business needs
at a fraction of the cost estimated by
other companies.



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