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  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce
  • eCommerce Development
  • ShipBob Order Fulfillment
  • MyEmma Marketing




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A fourth generation family business needed a new eCommerce experience to serve their growing B2C market. We helped them transform their site and expand their business.

Whisps are healthy and delicious crisps made out 100% pure cheese. For their new WordPress site we wanted to help customers around the country find, order and receive their favorite Whisps flavors in a simple, straightforward way.

We partnered with their design team to develop a site that captured their brand identity and offer a clean, intuitive product catalog. There are strong UGC (user generated content) sections on the site with real customer reviews and Whisps-inspired recipes. We integrated WooCommerce with their order fulfillment software, ShipBob, for a seamless shopping experience.

WooCommerce Integration

Simple, 100% customized eCommerce enablement for a SMB retailer.

ShipBob Integration

Easy eCommerce fulfillment with 2-day shipping and total order control.

MyEmma Integration

Optimized, personalized and automated email marketing campaigns.

They helped create a new eCommerce site for my business, as well as optimized the current site. They have proved to be a valuable partner in the industry, with vast knowledge and incredible support across the company.


Keith Schuman / Business Development

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