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DotcomWeavers June 25, 2018

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For the second year in a row, I traveled to the DotcomWeavers Hyderabad office. My mission? Improve the DotcomWeavers process through better communication between our U.S. and India teams and streamlining workflow.

At DotcomWeavers, we’re always improving the way we work – both internally and with our clients. In today’s rapidly-changing digital environment, it’s the best way to deliver an exceptional website or mobile app every time. A crucial ingredient in this process is outstanding communication between our U.S. and India offices.

DotcomWeavers Statistic: Our U.S. team is 15 experts strong, and our India team has more than 60 dedicated designers, developers and project managers!

While many business conversations are suitable for video or conference calls, nothing beats the efficiency of working with your teammates face-to-face. This is critical when company process improvements are on the table.

So, this spring I made my second trip to our Hyderabad office…and the improvements in our process thanks to this direct collaboration were amazing.

Process, Process, Process: New Efficiencies Mean Big Savings

The goal of my visit was to streamline and automate as many of our processes as possible. We examined every task and made improvements to save time and resources for us and our clients. Some highlights include:

  • Eliminating several redundant tasks and activities between teams
  • Making processes repeatable and predictable
  • Reducing the training time for new team members to onboard our process

But the biggest improvement in our process was through better project documentation.

Step by Step: Perfecting Our Project Documentation

With clear templates that are easy for team members in both offices to update, interpret and approve, we made big strides in information accuracy throughout the life of our projects.

Uniform documentation for standard functions and features enables the team to easily identify missing information and enable us to repeatedly deliver high-quality, consistent results.

Moving Forward: Streamlining Workflow

With an improved process to work with, it was clear we also needed to keep our skills sharp. We committed to enhancing our professional skills through a regular and measurable professional development plan.

Team members are accountable to each other for deciding which skills to sharpen, how to do this and how it will help each person and the company.

My visit helped establish processes that are already saving us time and are translating into better quality deliverables (and reduced costs) to our clients.


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